Year: 2020

Real Life
Yearlong Challenge

The Challenge

As we have been living through this time of quarantine I am sure I am not the only one who has been bored out of their skull. One thing I am certain of is that I need to do something besides watching movies. Yet, my self challenge has come from the premise of a movie […]

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Yearlong Challenge

COVID Changes The Adventure

I had a 2020 bucket list. COVID-19 had other plans. Great. Like many, I have been attempting to severely limit my time out of the house. I go out everyday to look at my little garden, but other than that I stay put. AND I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND. So, I am looking […]

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Bucket List
Day Trip
Farmer's Markets
Pasco County
St. Petersburg

My 2020 Bucket List

As you all know my 2019 was not what I ever thought it would be. While we can’t always determine what is going to happen through the year or on any given day, it is important to make plans for the future and to do things that make you happy. So that is my plan, […]

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