Meg and the beautiful flowers one morning
Meg stopping to selfie with the flowers.

I am Meghan, but most who know me call me Meg. I live in Pasco County, Florida, with my Naw (Grandma) and my cat, His Royal Highness Louie Arthur Charles DumbleROAR of Darlington, or Louie for short. Throughout my life a few things have remained my favorite things to do: traveling, learning, reading, writing, photography, watching movies and baking.

Louie the cat.
Louie, the cat.

While I was in high school and college I was able to travel internationally to places like Russia, Italy, Poland, Israel and Mexico. As an adult, I have been able to find jobs throughout the country that afforded me the ability to live in different places such as Boston, Washington, D.C., Tucson, Arizona and others.

Meg and her mom, Bridget at one of their favorite places, Disney World.

In March 2019, I unexpectedly lost my mother. She was not ill or had any underlying health issues to our knowledge, but she passed very quickly at the hospital. She, without question, is where I get my sense of adventure and wanderlust from. At the time of her passing she was planning a trip to England for her birthday. One day soon, I will get to England to visit our dear friends there.

I am working to be a teacher of middle or high school history and will look forward to exploring the world while not teaching so that I may bring my experiences back to help my students learn. I am already working hard to make sure that my students have the best experience learning a subject they may not like. I had a high school chemistry teacher who realized that not all students like his required course so he did everything he could to make it an engaging and interesting class and that is my goal. Wish me luck, I’ve not been hired yet so fingers crossed.