Adult Bullies

I thought about adding some sort of visual appeal to this, but I think this needs to be raw and brutally honest. I am writing this for me, and while I’d love for it to get views, I’d rather hear from those who have faced the same issue of bullying as an adult. Leave a comment and tell your story of adult bullies you have had to deal with. Also this is not a post about grown pitt bulls.

I have spent the last two years of my life working, as a volunteer, to get people of my chosen political party elected. I have worked behind the scenes and I have been the candidate. In the primary of 2018, I was the second top vote getter of people in my party, in my county. I have some frustration with things going on within the party though.

Throughout this time I have grown very close with many people. There are people that I genuinely love and care for, even if I didn’t at first. There are people I was close to at first but now I want nothing to do with. I try to be polite and courteous to even those who are not to me until you berate me publicly or you have a hand in ruining my mothers last birthday on this earth. That last bit sounds like that line from the Princess Bride but I digress.

Now, one thing the two people I have an issue with is that they are the type of people who let “power” go to their head. They have a holier than thou, I’m better at everything than you attitude. They let you know through word and action that they are better than you and you are not worthy to be in the same room as them. They do it so fragrantly that others around you ask if you are ok. They dismiss you every time you have a suggestion or comment of concern. They rip on you for not following procedure but if you point out that they aren’t following procedure, (after waiting to be recognized, might I add) making others around you question if they want to continue attending this meeting. Making you question why you have given up hundreds of hours and thousands upon thousands of miles of driving to attend these meetings.

The two individuals that I have described are nothing but bullies. It took me spending nearly an hour talking with my counselor to come to this conclusion. It took me time to determine what I want to say the next time one of these individuals puts me down publicly or privately. It took me talking myself up and telling myself affirmations of who I am and how much value I have as an individual to hopefully stand up for myself. I am not going to tolerate these people getting away with being bullies and I am sick of their behavior towards me and others. It has to stop and it will stop with me. If not now, when? If not me, who?

The difficult thing about this whole situation is we are meant to be working together for the betterment of the party and yet, we have to put others down to feel better about ourselves? This is not right, and it makes us no better than any others. What is happening is exactly why people are leaving and moving on from the two party system. I strive to be a better person, to be a stronger person and to do what is right at all times but when you want to bully me, I will no longer stand for it.

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