Bucket List

A list of things that I want to see, do or experience.

The White Heron Tea Room
Richey Suncoast Theater
Splitsville at Disney Springs
AMC Theater at Disney Springs
Rainforest Café at Disney Springs
Disney World Four Park Challenge
Explore Grey Preserve
Find the Disney World Walls of Instagram
Go Kayaking
Swim with the Manatees
Go to the pool everyday for a week
Go to the beach everyday for a week
Go to Disney Land
Take a train across the country
Visit Cuba
Visit Austin
Take a class to learn a new craft or skill
Watch a rocket or spaceship take off
Watch the sunrise on the Atlantic and the sunset on the Pacific
Find Instagram walls in Tampa
Go to Las Vegas
Be a delegate at the Democratic National Convention
Hike 10 miles in a day.
Learn to bike distance.
Run a 5k
Run a 10K
Run a half marathon.
Run a DisneyRUN.
Go to England.
See Highclere Castle
See Disneyland Paris.
Go to a Tampa Bay Rays Game
Go to a Tampa Bay Bucs Game