Christmastime in the City

Silver bells, silver bells…

Ok, so not silver bells but rather the scream of the new Lancaster City Fire Engine 3 as it made its way to care for someone in distress as it carved its way through traffic and around the Christmas tree, standing tall, in Penn’s Square. was a beautiful morning in Lancaster City as we walked around so I could take a ton of pictures for my instagram and the blog. It felt good to be back where I grew up; however, the cold reminded me how much I love Florida this time of year. I enjoyed visiting a newer store, FoxDuck. ( They have a lot of Lancaster County and Pennsylvania based items. I got a couple of stickers for my laptop. I’m looking forward to talking about them with my students who always ask about my stickers.

We went to The Prince Street Cafe which quickly became a favorite place of mine when I was living and working in the city. I love their hot chocolate in the winter and strawberry lemonade in the summer.

Just a quick idea of the aesthetics of Prince Street. Can you spot their Elf on the Shelf?

Next we went to Lancaster Central Market, the oldest, continuously ran market in the United States. I love going to market. First stop is always to Stoltzfus Bakery where I pick up some Achenbachs Long Johns. There is nothing like them, many have tried to copy but none have succeeded. (At least not that I have tasted, but would love to collaborate if you think I’m wrong!)

Don’t they look so good!

One of my favorite places at market is the observation level. It is the little known second floor where there are a couple of standing tables and a great view of the organized chaos below. One of my favorite sites on this visit were the two Santa’s handing out candy and not sure what to do when they came upon one of them. Spoiler alert: one of them is not the real Santa.

Ummm, well this is awkward.

Saturday mornings at market, and the market area, will always be my favorite thing to do when I’m in Lancaster.

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