COVID Changes The Adventure

I had a 2020 bucket list. COVID-19 had other plans. Great. Like many, I have been attempting to severely limit my time out of the house. I go out everyday to look at my little garden, but other than that I stay put. AND I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND.

So, I am looking to shake things up a bit. In coming months, I will begin transforming this space more into exploring cooking and crafts. As someone who had six girls, crafts were an important part of our lives because it kept them occupied for an hour or so without a screen.

I am going to be looking through cookbooks, and Pinterest to find recipes to try and hopefully succeed at creating. I would love to be a Julia Child or Rea Drummond or any of the countless other female chefs who provide thoughtful commentary on the things that they cook.

I have found cooking to be something that relaxes me, comforts me and yet, also challenges me to create yummy, upscale food with a minimum cost. My budget for food each month is tiny and yet I need to feed my grandmother and myself and I would like to create and upscale eating experience. We will see how this “Great Cooking Experiment” goes.

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