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A self care day at the best place in Florida.

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The residents of Main Street USA dancing in the streets.

I love Disney, but I have not had the heart to go since my mother passed away in March. I miss her so much. I missed her even more at Disney. Nonetheless, I did everything I wanted to do.

I met a lovely family on the ferry on the way over. They were very excited to be there. The grandpa, PapPaw, told me if I found them later, he would be sure to say hi. They were super sweet.

I went on the Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion. Both were favorites of my mom’s. I ate lunch at Columbia Harbour House, which was my grandfather, my mothers and is still my father’s favorite. The greeter there asked me about my pin. I explained to her and when I got my tray of food she had them give me a pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Whoopie Pies. Pixie dust is real. After I finished lunch, I walked over to Tomorrowland and rode the Carousel of Progress, which my mom thought was overrated.

Before leaving I spent sometime walking up and down Main Street USA. I walked into all of the shops and saw all the things that I want to buy. I went to the Confectionary and got fudge for my grandmother which is a tradition my mother started. I had to be careful though and take it with me to dinner with my mentor and the meeting we went to afterwards so that it wouldn’t get too hot!

You hear many people say that Disney is their happy place, and while it is mine, it is also a place where my heart began to heal.

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    1. Disney magic is real! I have been working towards healing and Thursday I felt my heart heal a little bit more.

    1. Disney was the place we would go on a free day. My mom’s birthday is on Friday and one of my best friends is down from PA, so we will be at Disney Springs. Thanks for your comment!

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