Favorite Things

Ok, so it’s been a little too long since I wrote a favorite things post. I want to outline a few things that I love. While none of my favorite things is sponsored, I wish they would be.

Wet and Wild Perfect Pout Lipstick in My Blackberry Broke

Wet and Wild Perfect Pout in My Blackberry Broke

I went to an event a week ago with this lipstick on and people were amazed. I normally wear red lipstick to events and no one says anything, but this was a different thing for me. When I picked it up I was feeling a little bit emo and wanted to portray the bit of badass that I am given events of what happened earlier in the week.

These earrings…

These were a steal and a very different style for me.

I did a lot of things lately that are different for me. I got dangling earrings at Bealls the other day. I don’t typically do dangles. But hey, why not try something new when they are on sale. So, for $2.40 I tried dangling earrings. When I’ve worn these, I feel confident and beautiful. Pairing them with my new lipstick, it is great. Also, what a bargain! I seriously recommend looking at clearance before looking at other areas.


Pictured with Florida Secretary of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried.

In this journey through grief I have felt like crap, a lot. I have cried more days over the last three months than not. I have done a lot of soul searching and I have worked a lot on self love and worth. This photos shows one of the first times I have felt confident about myself since I lost my mom. I love it.

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