My 2020 Bucket List

As you all know my 2019 was not what I ever thought it would be. While we can’t always determine what is going to happen through the year or on any given day, it is important to make plans for the future and to do things that make you happy. So that is my plan, to make plans of things that are going to make me happy.

I will most likely be sticking close to the Tampa Bay Area throughout the majority of the year with some exceptions, yet I don’t know what those are. I’ll likely be making some greater Florida trips but again, not particularly sure where yet.

2020 Adventure Bucket List:

  1. Visit 3 different U-Pick locations for fruits.
  2. Make delicious food from the items from the U-Pick locations.
  3. Take a train journey. (Not sure to where or how long but significant amount of time.)
  4. Visit Homassasa Springs.
  5. Visit the Zoo.
  6. Go to the Tampa Aquarium.
  7. Camp at Starkey Park in the cabins.
  8. Camp at Withlacoochee Park in the cabins.
  9. See a show at the Straz.
  10. Enjoy an afternoon sitting on the porch at Starkey Market.
  11. Find 5 Instagram spots in Tampa.
  12. Visit the Dali Museum.
  13. Find 5 Instagram spots in St. Petersburg.
  14. Run a 5K.
  15. Run a 10K.
  16. Spend a week by the pool
  17. Visit 6 new beaches.
  18. Visit a National Park.
  19. Get a new Passport.
  20. Explore someplace new.
  21. Open for suggestions…

There are other things that I want to do, but I feel like this is a significant amount of things to accomplish in 2020. There is only so much time with which to accomplish these goals, although obviously it is possible to do some at the same time. For example, I can go to a show at the Straz and hit some of the Tampa Instagram Spots in the same trip.

This is my bucket list that I can’t wait to complete and have a blast while doing it. It will be a good year for sure!

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